[22] YouTube and Social Media’s Influence on Jobs and Society

Since the creation of social media entrepreneurs in the past have molded how we seen social media today. YouTube in 2005 was created by by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim from Pay Pal. Originally the “headquarters” of YouTube was above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Francisco in California. Youtube started as... Continue Reading →


[21] Social Media’s Affects in Politics

Social media has created a drastic change in the way politics is advertised in our culture.  Specifically, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have changed the way campaigns are being run and how voters engage with officials. It allows politicians to make speak directly with voters without spending a dime. This outdates the original paid advertising of... Continue Reading →

[20] Anorexia

Continuation of [19]Hunger Women will continue to starve themselves because of the ‘bias’ people have towards ‘fat’. This stand point is completely supported by the “federal government’s public health decision making.” [Rothblum 75]  Doctors, researchers and professionals in the field of weight loss and drug manufacturing – “are told to keep pressure on society to... Continue Reading →

[19] Hunger

In Hunger by Naomi Wolf, she states the horrifying fact and influence anorexia and bulimia have in the western world. Dubbing it as a “disease”, that has “no medical reason” [Naomi 179]. She looks at the broadly appalling numbers of how “90 to 95 percent of anorexics and bulimics are women” [Naomi 181] and how... Continue Reading →

[17] Effectiveness Of Memes

For starters, I want to establish the fact that women’s power on the internet is on the rise: they now dominate the some of the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. LinkedIn is one of the few platforms where men are dominantly active. As a whole Women also go... Continue Reading →

[16] 5 Ways to stop Unwanted Messages

Have you ever received weird messages from men online? Click below to learn about steps to stop them. INCLUDING: Being Direct, Stopping Unwanted Dick Pics, Combatting Harassing Messages, Trolling Tweets and stopping Disrespectful Messages On Dating Sites

[14] Patriarchy Then & Today

“The System is a monster that ‘runs us all’, and raises us all. The society we live in shapes our views and beliefs without a doubt. Yet we cannot blame the “system”.  Blaming society will not change anything. The system “does not talk balk or actually do anything”.  We are the one’s who need to change the way the system and society works!

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