[1] Feminism in a nutshell.

So here’s the thing, when a lot of guys hear the word “Feminism” it seems like their automatic thought goes to “feminazis”.They believe women will become so over-powered and are just overly forceful and frightening when they begin a “feminist rant”. Maybe they’re afraid that one day the world will become a matriarchy instead of patriarchy and all the women in the world will rule their universe, everything will be pink and fluffy – turn completely will be turned upside down and maybe the earth will just explode. BANG!


Regardless of how you feel about Feminism, at some point what person hasn’t thought that some sexist bullshit is completely unfair? The problem seems to be putting a name to that feeling. “Feminism is just way to scary and loaded a word for some. Which is really so sad.


How did feminist end up being the big bad F* word?

Due to a mix – up between ‘feminist’ and ‘man-hating bra-burning angry Amazon’?
Due to patriarchy and its dismissal of opposing movements?
Due to the scarcity of current feminist role models?
Why does this even matter?

You can trace back patriarchy as far back to the Paleolithic times where men went out hunting and providing food, while women where to stay back as the village/ Clan/ Tribe [Doesn’t that sound ‘FUN”?] (WOMEN IN PALEOLITHIC & NEOLITHIC TIMES)


early-europeansThese ideals stayed and continued throughout history to this day. Patriarchy became much more noticeable when the nomadic life began to cease and started to colonize and farm. When these tribes settled there was a need for educated individuals – as leaders, farmers, doctors (medicine men), merchants, and business owners for trading and everyday needs. Patriarchy became blatant when women were clearly overlooked in the craftsman educating.

women in the workplace.png
Women in the Workplace: Then vs. Now

Yet, the past doesn’t change what is happening now….

Anyway. It’s a shame that they have to feel this way because it is a fact that was not the original intention of the movement. Feminism is the movement dedicated to helping both women and men fight stereotypes. The goal is to achieve complete equality. But WHAT IS ‘EQUALITY’?????

Well….  It can be summed up two different ways. The first of which saying that men are no different from women through anthropological, biological, historical and psychological evidence. This leads us to believe that if after the big bang and the dinosaurs and the ice ages maybe the first humanoids would have seen no difference in the genders, resulting in an equal society (Issues In Feminism). Yea okay, probably not. The second way this whole thing could have played out is through accepting the differences between males and females, yet treating each other with equality and total respect (Issues in Feminism).

Confused? Think of it this way. Going from formal equality to social equality is much more complex than a simple change of words. For women to be equal, the women’s perspective of equal must match up with that of the male’s perspective – and Vice Versa.


So in conclusion, what we learned here today is not to fear the F word… feminism that is.

Stay tuned!!!!


If you are a God Fearing Human and an over-achievers <<<Click Here>>> “Works Cited”



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