[2]Athena or Aphrodite Cookie Cutters?


Illustration Credz:  KATARZYNA BABIS

Men, do you ever feel like this? Like nothing you’ll ever do will ever be right? Ever hear people around you commenting on everything you  do? Judging your every move?

“You need to workout! You are too scrawny!” “God, use a face wash! You’ll never get laid with that acne!” “Eww! You are such a man whore!” “You need to tone it down. You are too intimidating – Girls will be too afraid to talk to you!” “God, you’re such a tool!” and so on and so on?

Well this what it is like 26 hours, 8 days a week for your average Gal Pal….

sinfest_05Girls get the option of either being a whore or a prude. There is no gray area for us women. From a young age, girls are taught to be cautious around boys, obviously because of the highly contagious cooties. This leads to a great divide between those who rebel and face cooties head on and the others who decide to wait and put their efforts into something else.

This is like fitting your whole unique personality into one of two categories: the cootie-fearing Athenas or rebellious Aphrodites. So let’s elaborate on these two and I mean only  two options.

Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, craft, and war. She was birthed from her father, Zeus’s brain, fully grown in a suit of armor. Her war strategies were impeccable and she was renowned as the most intelligent deity of Greek mythology. Slow to anger, and would not fight without a purpose, Athena is a great role model for independent women of modern time. [The warrior goddess: Athena]

On the flip side of that, Aphrodite lives. She is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, procreation (SEX), and uh… prostitution. Born of the genitalia of Uranus (ironic) after they was thrown out to sea. She arose from the seafoam fully grown and so beautiful that she was “it” girl of Olympus. Zeus married her off to the uuuuugliest and deformed guy out there, Hephaestus. [GreekGodInfo]

Dang. Regardless, she rebelled and had many lovers such as Ares and Anchises and …….. Okay so she got around, cheated a lot on her husband and uh maybe not so great of a role model as Athena.

SO. Its pretty black or white. This is how it is for men AND women nowadays. Men can either be ‘nerds’ or ‘muscles for brains’. Women can either be ‘sluts’ or ‘prudes’.

Now a days we are judged so viciously that it creates these two cookie cutters models.

It is hard to find any amount of parental love and support strong enough to ward off or override society’s judgemental ways. Naomi Wolf a professional in the field of Gender Studies and Author of “The Beauty Myth”  even says “I knew my parents wanted me not to starve because they loved me; but their love contradicted the message of the larger world, which wanted me to starve in order to love me.” [The beauty Myth]

Feminism is currently fighting these stereotypes! Feminism is not just for women. It is the fight for equality for everyone including men, women, LGBTQ-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ alike!! There has been so much gender oppression, it has become a norm.

Till next time my Goddesses! #BeYourOwnGoddess!

Love you all!!!


If you are a God Fearing Human and an over-achievers <<<Click Here>>> “Works Cited”


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