[3] Strides of Feminism

1490539763292Feminism is not just for women. It is the fight for equality for everyone including men, women, LGBTQ-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ alike!!

There are so much oppression, it has become a norm. 😦

Wonder Women Comics – 1942

Is has gotten too bad that there are even term to describe the oppression. There is “Fat Shaming”, Gender Shaming, Slut Shaming, Body Shaming, Food Shaming, Childbearing Shaming, Feeling Shaming [Being over emotional], Rape Shaming [ “They were asking for it…” ] And so on and on… There is no end to the forms of shaming one can be ridiculed with. You could be ridiculed for the way you dress or the fact that you apply makeup in the morning. You name it, people have a problem with it. (Full Frontal Feminism)

So the only way we can fix this is if everyone is on the same page. “Everything in America tells men that women are there for them, there for sex, constantly available.” (Full Frontal Feminism) The only reason that Feminism’s root word is “feme” or female; it’s because this idea has evolved from women fighting for suffrage in the late 1960s. Their original goals were to give women a say in government, career choice, and the ability to learn about “female history” or otherwise termed “Her Story”. (Gender.cawater.info.net)

Women have been fighting to become equal for as long as women have lived. We want to eradicate the ideas of women being less than men. Women are treated like their sexuality and lives are a “commodity, a joke, or a sin. This is especially true for us younger women who end up getting totally screwed by social influences telling us what “hot” or desirable behavior is.” (Full Frontal Feminism) The worst part about this is that we are growing up with is and see it as true and a normal idea in our society.

In fact, “Fighting like a girl” should be a compliment! We are just as strong, smart, and capable as men.


Our goals were never to overthrow patriarchy [well… maybe sometimes. But every movement has its flaws] , but rather to create a society where we could all coexist happily. In the 70’s this was the primary goal – until the 80’s when women realized coexisting [#fed-up with #faking-it] was different than becoming a predetermined cookie cutter of a house-wife.

In the 1920’s this idea of the predetermined cookie cutter of a house-wife, or now known as the “Beauty Myth” came into existence. The idea was that dieting is the essence of contemporary femininity. That women and men alike had to fit into these again “cookie cutter” images of beauty. Men with thick soft hair, strong jaw lines, abs, strong broad shoulders, tall and tones muscles. Women when the ideal hour glass figure, long flowing hair, long skinny arms and legs, a pretty face, and a pure, and seductive delicate air to them.

The ideal was to be “innocently sexy’.

[Impossible if I do say so myself….]

The battle over “Sex, food, and flesh…” had begun. “It is the only political ideology – not health, not men’s desires, not any law of loveliness – that keeps people from believing they can have all three. The majority believe what they have no memory to question, that they may not have sex, food, and flesh in any abundance; that those three terms cancel each other out. (The Beauty Myth)

Feminism has come a long way. It was grown and developed into something inclusive. [Not like meninism. lol]

SOOOOOO – in today’s world it is not just women being oppressed. Feminism is fighting for gender equality over all. To treat all humans with the respect we all deserve.


If you are a God Fearing Human and an over-achievers <<<Click Here>>> “Works Cited”


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