[5] Feminism in Relationships


Feminism does not ruin relationships.

Feminism in a relationship is making decisions in junction with your partner, whomever that may be [No judging allowed in this sacred blog ]. It’s making the decision to split the bill, to be able to take time to yourself  [self-love is the best form of love] and to understand that both you and your partner have a say in what happens around the house. [Not so scary when you put it this way right?] We are all adults here. [I hope.] It is a simple task to talk and have an actual conversation to decide who is going to feed the cat, clean the dishes, who is going to cook, and to take turns in cleaning. It’s 2017 – there are so many gender roles you can barely keep up with them all – and this can actually make things a tad harder. Confusion of expectations in a relationship  complicates some things between you and your partner.

Everything isn’t always going to go so peachy so….

The trick to relationships is to compromise.

no.gifOne thing to expect when dating a feminist is we will say “No!”. And believe me we will say “no” when we don’t like something or there is a problem. But it’s just a word. Just because we say “no” doesn’t mean we despise and hate you and the relationship will die and has no hope at all. In reality saying “no” and talking about what we think helps a relationship immensely!! In a sense being a feminist is a good addition to a relationship . [Just a little old Fun Fact – wink wink] Talking leads to learning new things about your partner, stripping them down layer by layer like an onion… [Mentally…. and physically when you get lucky ;P] [16.4 Social Penetration Theory]

dealing with bad sexNow that we are on the topic of sex, it is also another important issue in relationships. Sex is about pleasure and enjoying time with your partner. Contrary to popular misconceptions,  women don’t use sex to get what we want. Not every woman has sex in order to manipulate our partners or get some deal out of it. Sex is as I previously said for pleasure… for the both of you. So talk. We are so over the idea that sex is an activity designated to please men while women just put up with it in order to get something else, like money or affection. Nope! This is our time, too. Talk to your partner – you’ll be surprised with what does and doesn’t turn your partner on. Whatever you read online may or may not work.


It’s important to voice and listen to your partner’s desires. This includes consent. This is extremely important!!! I EMPHASIZE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  Consent is no laughing matter. If you haven’t watched the “Tea & Consent” video just yet, you have to watch it at least once. It’s only 2 minutes of your life, I think you can spare 2 minutes. [Tea & Consent – Click here>>>Youtube ] PEER PRESSURE!!! WATCH IT!  ❤ I say this because regardless of sexual orientation, gender, fetish, or species [You could be an alien – I don’t know your story. Lol] , consent is still important.

So to all the humanoids [and other species – maybe aliens – You never know ;P]  Feminism is actually a great thing to have in a relationship.  More broadly, one study showed that men who said they were in relationships with feminist women reported greater relationship stability and sexual satisfaction.The authors of this study concluded that, far from disrupting heterosexual relationships, greater gender equality in a relationship was healthy—for both women and men. Other research has also suggested that men who eschew traditional cultural scripts of romance tend to have more satisfying and committed relationships.

In short – don’t be afraid of not having the stereotypical relationship dynamic you see on Tumblr and Pinterest. Each relationship is like a snowflake. Not a single one is going to exactly the same – you have to work to get them to work. You are going to have your ups and downs. So my lovely humanoids [and other species] remember to talk it out. ❤ Good luck my lovelies!


If you are an over-achiever <<<Click Here>>> “Works Cited”


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