[6] Social Media and Blurred Roles

binary face.jpgIn today’s day and age everyone is being minimized to a collection of numbers on a computer.

Whether it be the number of friends you have on facebook, Followers on Instagram, Retweets on Twitter, height, weight, social security number, your license number, number of points on your license, and the list can go on and on.

With this said – it has produced a faceless, genderless nation.

Everyone is identified as just a number in the system and everyday countless business transactions are taking place under a credit card number. That being said – online we are now just a persona connected to a username.

On a daily basis we are talking to someone where you have no idea who they are – whether it be male, female, young, old, etc… People can easily lie online. This can be both bad and good. Bad being obviously deception – Good being the lack of ability to stereotype and judge others.working-from-home-with-kids

Just knowing the gender of someone can affect how you react to them drastically. To put this into perspective – J.K. Rowling – the world renowned author of the Harry Potter series had to use the pen name Robert Galbraith instead of Joanne “Jo” Rowling, because solely being a women would caused publishers dismiss her writings and book submissions entirely.  [Talk about being sexist… =_=]

Now it is a bit easier since the boundaries between work and home are slowly being blurred and so are the roles of both sexes. Both men and women are able to work with just a computer whilst being involved in domestic responsibilities at home.

This would translate to more job and promotion opportunities for females, and allow males to contribute more to the paternal nurturing of their children.

labor 1970 v 2010
Women labor since the increase in social media opportunities.

Along with technology, also come birth control, contraceptives and the legalization of abortion, all of which threaten to undercut the “traditional role of women” as mothers by giving them a choice. Therefore technology is an integral component in blurring the role between men and women, thus making gender equality possible.

Yet, no matter how advanced technology is, it still does not contradict the fact that statistically women are physically weaker than men. This allows leeway for cases of rape, molest and domestic abuse which once again support the figures saying that men are dominant over women and that women are constantly at their mercy.

The psychological and emotional make-up of a woman is also, stereotyped or proven, more towards the maternal and nurturing side. As the popular saying goes, “men think with their minds, women think with their hearts.” This would make women less rational, a quality which is not respected in an economic society where rational decisions are of topmost importance. This fact will therefore be a disadvantage to women who are competing in a “man’s world”.

63593256011014856976459976_Cover photo
Woman in a Man’s World

After years of advocating gender equality, some women these days are pulling back and changing their principles, choosing to believe that it is undesirable to have gender equality. [Why? I could not tell you given the amount of progress done so far over the years.] This change in mindset echoes the ones made by our maternal ancestors who frequently frowned upon any act that suggested female importance.

This change in view could be caused by an onslaught of juvenile delinquents often coming from homes where both parents are chasing economic status and no maternal care is provided. A blurring of roles could waste away the maternal gift of females, leading to a society defined by angular features without a softer touch to it. The next generation will be confused about gender roles and that could lead to a whole host of social problems.

If gender equality is undesirable, why then do millions of people across the globe still fight so fervently for it? That is because it is a fundamental moral truth that all human beings are born equal.

If we look at it from a Christian viewpoint, it is written that “Eve was created from a rib at Adam’s side, not above him to rule over him, not below him to be trampled by him but from his side so that she will rule beside him.” (The Creation of Eve) Therefore to neglect or refuse gender equality is refuting that fundamental moral truth that all human beings deserve to be equal.

There is also no proven evidence that women are in any general way less talented, less intelligent or less brilliant than men. There are many cases where women are even more talented than their male counterparts in areas that are predominantly male, such as the engineering field.

Case studies have also shown that some males are more talented in domestic areas such a hairdressing or domestic household responsibilities. [I mean just look at RuPaul, That man is always “ON POINT!”]

Therefore, to provide job opportunities based on the stereotypical male – female roles instead of the individual’s capability would be such a waste to human talent and would impede the growth of expertise in that particular area.

The growth of Social media, Internet, and Computer Science is giving women a chance to break into a whole new area of labor without worrying about being discriminated against. It is allowing [men and…] women the chance to apply for jobs without being judged on their gender, but rather their ability to do the work at hand.

I feel that it is highly desirable that total equality exists between the sexes, total equality meaning that both genders can choose to contradict gender stereotypes and not to suffer discrimination as a result of it.

On the other hand because of reasons that are beyond the control of any civilization, such as traditional mindsets and natural attributes to both genders, time has proven that it is impossible to have total gender equality. Meanwhile, the fight for gender equality still persists, transcending from the last millennium to this new one.



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