[7] Advertisements in Body Image

As long as the definition of ‘beauty’ comes from outside [women and men], we will continue to be manipulated by it.”

what is beautySo what is true beauty????

Well,  Naomi Wolf says that if we strayed away all the ideas of adornments, textures, styles, fashions, races, and as a whole all of society’s expectations we would have no ideal beauty to conform to. She states we should be beautifying ourselves for ourselves. “As long as the definition of ‘beauty’ comes from the outside, we will continue to be manipulated by it.” (Wolf 277)

Beauty is constantly being observed and judged around us, even we do it (to others in addition to ourselves.) A large example is the Advertisement Companies! “Advertisers have recently figured out that undermining sexual self-confidence works whatever the targeted gender.” (Wolf 289)

Men just like women are being used in their marketing scheme, selling the idea of beauty andstandards-of-beauty-are-arbitrary-body-shame-exists-only-to-the-extent-that-our-physiques-dont-quote-1 society’s ideals. With this type of business and effect on both males and females means “no one will win.” (Wolf 289) To fight this ideal, Wolf suggests that we dress as we please, regardless of what society thinks. Personally I don’t believe simply dressing and acting as we want will cause our whole society to change.

The idea that , the way for us to defeat this Beauty Myth is for us to “stop blaming ourselves and stop running and stop agonizing, and let’s start to please ourselves once and for all. The ‘beautiful’ women does not win under the myth; neither does anyone else.”, is to simple for any change to truly take hold. (Wolf 290).

It is something so small that many people would not notice. Rather people will think you are acting as you normally act rather than being in a group fighting for equality. That is unless you state that this is why you are dressing in a certain way and announce it to everyone. In short it will hardly change anyone’s viewpoint.

Our society’s enforces this type of thinking that enforces the insatiable want for consumerist ideals. Ones that can never be permanently reached.    You always hear about how you can never be truly satisfied with yourself. There will always be something that you will want to fix, change, and alter.

Even if a women is truly beautiful on the outside, with the perfect hair and perfect body – it doesn’t mean she feels that way. You “cannot possibly know the self-image within that women: Though she appeared enviable in control, she may be starving; though she overflows her clothing, she may be enviably satisfied sexually.” (Wolf 289)258d897d481d1071d04a926e2d78af9d

Advertisers want you to continue to think this way. The Myth takes away our freedom and choice in how we act, dress, behave, and present ourselves because of illusion of there being only one ‘true’ form of beauty.

When in reality, does my perception of beauty have a weight on what your idea of beauty is?

Why should it have any weight in your perception?

This is the same for the Advertisement Companies. Why are their models and fashion fads deem what is ‘true’ beauty? Those are just the opinions of someone with a lot of money. The advertisement institutions “will continue to try to use women’s (and men’s) appearance 1400635268-0against us.” (Wolf 290) A woman’s definition and ideals of beauty should be completely her own. Based on her own wholehearted opinions, not on those imposed on her by TV, Magazines, Fashion Fads, and Expectations (expectations of people she has never and probably will never meet).

Wolf states that we tear down these myths and unwritten beauty laws by “calling ourselves beautiful and challenging the world to truly see her.” (Wolf 290)

To create this type of life we would need to strip away all the advertisements and consumeristic tendencies we have. I believe to do that you would have to do much more than just to change the way we “beautify ourselves”.

We would need to start with rebelling against the Advertisement Companies and Clothing Stores for there to be any change in the way advertisements are broadcasted. We need to use what resources we have for good rather than bad. Such as the internet – on the down side the internet is giving large advertising firms a whole new platform to use and persuade us into believing we need their products because we are not good enough


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