[10] Equality – An Ideal or Possibility?

How Social Media and Traditions have an affect on the idea of Gender Equality….

The question stands today, however, whether the idea of gender equality portrayed in Greek mythology is just an ideal or a possibility.Igualtat_de_sexes.svg

Throughout history Countries have struggled greatly to reach the goal of Equal Rights. The constant bickering and fighting over this topic has only led to further strife rather than gaining ground on the pursuit of equality.

The ideal standard for gender equality is subjective. Therefore no one could never truly outline what it would be like if men and women were truly equal.  According to the government gender equality means that both sexes have access to basic human rights such as food, portable water or what their particular country defines as basic human rights. (MODULE 14) If this is indeed true then gender equality has already been achieved.

Meanwhile according to the Greeks Ideal Utopia, life is to build a practical political system suitable for imperfect men such as ourselves. (Plato on utopia)Paradise concept.

In theory the law and system would endorse a particular type of lifestyle where men live without strive, unfair conditions, and for every man to be able to live in content and luxury. While in reality women in ancient Greece were subjected to tight confinement strict rules, with very little room to do anything of their own free will.(Ideology and “The Status of Women” in Ancient Greece)

This is the same illusion colonists had when traveling to America. The colonist’s having different aesthetic perceptions caused the colony to fall into disarray and constant fighting. Just as today’s society argues over whether Republican versus Democratic or whether Heavy Metal or Classical music is more enjoyable. Both sides of the argument are subjective. There is no real number or rules that can conclude this argument.

Gender equality also means that whatever rights or benefits that males have will be like-wise allocated to females. Again we do not see this happening even in more economically developed countries such as Singapore where the wages of a women holding the same post as her male coworker is only 78.9% of his pay, in 2014. According to the National Committee on Pay Equality  studies women will have to wait until 2059 to have equal pay.technology1.jpg

This is one reason why it is impossible for gender equality to exist today. Even now in an age and time where technology prevails and traditionalists are being seen as obsolete, religion has been an enduring importance to society.

Religion has always been and will continue to be an intricate thread in modern society where the existence of a higher power is almost undisputable. Most religions advocate that a woman’s role is one of subservience to her husband, quoting from the book of Ephesians verses 5:22-25 from the Christian Bible “Wives honor and obey your husbands.”

Spanning Christianity to Confucianism to Islam, most religions believe that a woman’s role is to first obey her father, then to support her husband and later on to be a mother to her children.

Religion therefore clearly states the role of both genders, that the men are leaders and the money makers and that the women are the supporters and mothers. These simple minded roles left a sort of standard for the type of lifestyle that we live, becoming a tradition, and part of our everyday lives.

Our current society is one which believes it worships technological, social, and economic progress; every year women are pursuing jobs that would be stereotype be called a man’s job. As an example, of the 20% of the women studying to go into engineering only 11% continue to pursue it after graduating.

The engineering workplace has been constituted to being “unfriendly and even hostile to women.” – belittling their decisions and undermining their opinions because of the mindset that females’ place is to care for children rather than have a “man’s” jobs.


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