[9] Society’s Downfall through Sex – Part 2

Stereotypes and Sex in Advertisements Continuation….

objectification-of-womenThrough the decades both men and women have objectified the opposite sex and are not looking for love or a relationship, but rather sex and appeal. Men have stereotyped women to only being beautiful if they are petite, small, and curvy.

A fixed and simplified characterization that is constantly repeated to gain acceptance by mainstream audiences, usually “marked” by exaggerated physical features (through makeup), costuming, and acting style.  

 Women have stereotyped men to being macho, rugged and “never showing emotions or rugged-metrosexual-david-beckhamadmitting to weakness.” (Kimmel 461) I mean look at this ruggedly metrosexual David Beckham>>>>> ;P

Men and women have gone to drastic measures to attain these unrealistic goals. For men by age 10, boy begin to show concerns about their masculinity either for aesthetic or athletic reasons. They have resorted to steroid use, ephedrine use, and dieting to enhance their masculinity.

This leads boys to prioritize working out and maxing out at the gym when lifting weights other studying due to the idea that their appeal being more important than grades.

Men have such a difficult image of perfection to fill. In our society we thing men should be focused, be alert, be assertive, look gorgeous, demonstrate respect, be in control, take charge and be dominate as well as gentle. (National Eating Disorder Association)

By age 6, girls have begun already shown signs of becoming concerned about their body shape. In elementary school 40%- 60% have already begun dieting in fear of becoming fat. (Smolak 7-8)Little girl trying her mother's shoes and clothes

Recently Kim Kardashian has started a new fad where women wear Minoan belts or corsets, which are worn tightly around the waist. The idea of corsets molding a women’s body into the ideal hourglass shape goes back as far as the Greek vessels and the Royal Court of France during the reign of Henry II, mainly because of his wife Catherine de Medici.

Til_570xN.544381050_duu2he belt sexualized the woman’s waist to look slim and slender. The manufacturing of corsets lead to its specialization. “The specialization speaks volumes about the popularity of the corset: demand for the garment was high enough to allow concentration of its production.” (Klingerman 5) In the past during King Henry II’s reign corsets showed what social rank a woman was in and what people she could associate with.

Social ranks have been around long before King Henry II. Social classes have been a detrimental factor during the Medieval Times, the Renaissance, The Victorian Era, even today in the government system and on a lower standard, in high schools. In high schools, students have created a typical caste with the jocks, popular kids, cheerleaders, music kids, stereotypestheater kids, art kids, geeks, nerds, and so on. (Hill 261-266)  These stereotypes have led to the “dehumanization” of people.

Based off their stereotypes others think they already know them and don’t bother meeting them or getting to know them.  This doesn’t allow empathy to take place when something happens to someone outside of your “clique” If you are not in the same clique you are either enemies or acquaintances. More often than not, these stereotypes create enemies. (Burgess)

This causes people to be unable to branch out and meet new people. This can limit the opportunities one could have had in the future. The friends we get close with and meet in college and high school are part of the network we are building when we join the working class.Competition-Between-Man-and-Woman-iStock_000046255998_Medium-1024x682

In the working class today men and women have created the work place into a competition. This can either fuel ones motivation or fuel ones unhappiness. (Trika) Men have a need to be in control and have the upper hand by being in charge of others under them. This inhibits collaboration and the quality of work done when doing projects together. The competition can lead to a stressful work place


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