[13] How to Make a Difference

Anyone can change the way people think about the world by doing little things to change people’s minds.

Valenti also saying that this “systematic oppression off women isn’t just going to go away. But we can change our own world – and others, by proxy.”(Valenti 237) how-did-you-learn-about-sex

You can do small things to help yourself, like learning about Sex. By not standing for when people call women ‘sluts’, ‘whores’, ‘bitches’ and much more vulgar profanities. By simplying being “proud of yourself; never feeling ashamed of yourself and your sexual decisions”, by knowing why you want to ‘go wild’, and “taking control of your sexuality”. (Valenti 238) You can question the popular fads or hypes and “calling people out on their crap” (Valenti 239)

By taking control on your reproductive rights, by taking birth control, and doing small things in your community like volunteering at your clinic or “finding out about your policies at your local pharmacies about giving women their birth control and emergency contraception prescriptions.” (Valenti 240) woman-thinking-about-birth-control-options

We can fight back by simply “remembering that there is no such thing as a rape-able offense”, by “not staying with a person who hits you emotionally abuses you, or threatens you in any way.” (Valenti 241).

Calling Bullshit on Opt-Out Articles! Starting to fight for Childcare is a good way to fight back, for those with children and in case you ever decided to become a mother. You can make a difference by simply make a difference by working your ass off-doing something fulfilling and not dating someone whom scoffs at feminism. (Valenti 243)


50’s Ad for Microwavable Baked Potatoes

While fighting the corrupt structure we live in, we must remember that we are fighting the expectations of sexists stereotypes. We shouldn’t expect men to live by sexist stereotypes either! (Valenti 244)


Our goal is to fight back against all the stereotypes notions created by our sexists ancestors. Therefore Valenti points out that it is up to us to question what beauty is.

Info-graph on Where you learn about sex while growing up.


To take part in politics and to spread the word!

We can easily go against beauty standards by:

not dieting, by not wearing heels, mascara, or just the opposite!

Wear high heels, mascara, or whatever you want to wear! (Valenti 244)

We can easily go and vote. We have fought for this right and we have the ability to use it. We can even run for office! I mean look at Hilary! (I still cry from how angry I am about the outcome!) Then there is the need for you to spread the word about Feminism!!!!

If you hear someone say that “I’m not a feminist, but….” (Valenti 245), pull a Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.) When asked about Feminism she had no idea what it meant (She’s 14 years old.), so she look it up. Then she got back to reporters saying she wanted to get rid of the whole word! To her, “’You’re either normal or a sexist’. She goes on her vlog answering her fans questions – and in one of her videos she said instead of calling us “Feminists” we should be called normal.

It is normal to want to be equal. Instead we should just use the word sexists, because that’s what they are. (Wochit Entertainment) This like the other things you can do, is very easy to do whilst with friends and family. You don’t have to go anywhere or out of your way to talk about feminism and wanting everyone to be equal.

You can easily talk to your friends and family calling out what is wrong with the “Norms” of society. You can easily tell those you know that “Everything is not okay.”, that something needs to changethere is a prob

In short Valenti provides us with a multitude of viable possible courses we can do to help better the world, all of which are relatively easy and simple. Unlike Wolf, Valenti suggests simple, smaller, and less lofty suggestion as how to promote feminism.

Whilst both Wolf and Valenti want us to realize that Feminism isn’t “all-anti-all-the-time kind of social justice movement. It’s a positive, life-changing, fun, and cool way to live your life.(Valenti 246)


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