[20] Anorexia

Continuation of [19]Hunger

ideal-mate-womanWomen will continue to starve themselves because of the ‘bias’ people have towards ‘fat’. This stand point is completely supported by the “federal government’s public health decision making.” [Rothblum 75]  Doctors, researchers and professionals in the field of weight loss and drug manufacturing – “are told to keep pressure on society to keep losing weight despite the hypertension, depression, weight gain over time, and the other risks associated with the weight cycling” [Rothblum 79].

Today Gender rights and important societal issues like labor as well as weight loss are being brought out into the light while we were still children. The current generations are acutely aware of all the corruption and problems that are associated society’s viewpoints. The list can go on and on from gender equality to pay to politics.

In the past we were not aware or did not want to be aware of all the issues with our society because “awareness is hard work”, says Johnson (Johnson [CH. 1] 17).  Yet today people understand and know of all the “outright fraud and diet scams to expensive programs developed at leading medical centers that resulted in patient deaths.” [Rothblum 76], people know and

Yet “weight reduction by all means still seems to trump common sense”. [Rothblum 77]. This goes hand in hand with the idea and fad of V-bedazzling [gross and why?!] and how your Vagina can look ‘fat’ when wearing boxers [Honestly didn’t know this was a thing girls worries about..] or how ‘cute’ your vagina looks when you contour it…. [Still beyond me why you’d makeup there. But as I said – and these are all great examples of how help-not-loosingpleasing society trumps all common sense!]

The trials that women go through are ridiculous! “Hunger makes successful women feel like failures” [Naomi 197]. Anorexia and dieting can ironically lead to binging and compulsive eating and in lead to obesity. This affects how one will feel about themselves and simulate guilt and self-loathing.

Rothblum also mentions how “federal health officials are trying to define obesity and mental health problems as a disease” [Rothblum 79].  Supporting the idea that this is a disease that affects all walks of life – not only the middle class, but all races, and ethnics. Adding to the increased stigma against fatness. It messes with everyone minds, bodies and thoughts on some level – even if just a little bit.

I understand how hard it is to think this way and believe that anorexia works as a method to get skinnt – and that is why it is spreading…. as Wolf talks about throughout her multiple writings and chapters.  [Naomi 198]. My question to all of society and to the docfood-shamingtors that support weight loss – how ethical can you really be if you know all the side effects listed in the “black box” on the bottle? Why do they value money and profits more than then do the health and safety of their consumers?

Claiming that ‘thinness’ is will make you more popular, sexier, and desirable? That pills and fad diets are the only way to go if you want to get that perfect ideal body. Biologically it makes sense for women to be plumper and curvier than men. Why is having boobs, thighs, and an ass so wrong? I have met more guys that hate skinny – pin thin girls, and love girls with a ‘little meat to grab’ [quoting my best friend Matt P.]. I honestly cannot think of a real reason to diet, when I see girls going through so much anxiety over the way they look and appear.


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