[22] YouTube and Social Media’s Influence on Jobs and Society

facebook-experiments-inlineSince the creation of social media entrepreneurs in the past have molded how we seen social media today. YouTube in 2005 was created by by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim from Pay Pal. Originally the “headquarters” of YouTube was above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Francisco in California.

Youtube started as an angel funded enterprise working from a makeshift office in a garage. By 2006, there was an average of 20 million visitors per month according to [Nielson]  With Google purchasing YouTube led to the settlement of the copy right law infringements.

Due to Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim’s creation of YouTube it has enabled people to consider being a “YouTube Celebrity” as a job. Along with a large surplus in jobs relating to YouTube advertising and Video Production.

Some of these jobs consist of some such as:contentiscommodityquote

  • Social Media Managers,
  • Ecommerce Specialists,
  • Media and Marketing Coordinators,
  • Social Media and Brand Partnerships Interns,
  • Summer Intern – Video Production,
  • Summer Intern – Digital Marketing,
  • Influencer Marketing Specialists,
  • “Search” Marketing Manager,
  • Social Advertising Analyst,
  • International Digital Media Coordinator,

and the list goes on and on. There are over 2,000 “YouTube Advertising” Job Listings on Indeed.com in West Hartford, CT alone.

These jobs are not including the fact that YouTube allows the average people to become Entrepreneurs through video creation. There are plenty of YouTubers to start a living by creating videos like Swedish Comedian PewDiePie,  Gamer KSI, Brazilian comedian Porta dos Fundos, and Vegetta777 whom solely does voiceovers of gameplay videos. (Kosoff)

These are just a handful of some of the people who are using YouTube to their advantage. Advertising agencies use people such as this to promote their products and to essentially become  “Human Bill Boards”.

A good example of this would be youtube_influences_purchases-blog-fullSkyDoesMinecraft who has 11/3 million subscribers and 2.8 billion total views just for being party of a MINECRAFT team called “Team Crafted”. A majority of his videos are simply commentaries and recordings of Reaction and gameplay videos with his friends and others online.

He creates challenges for his subscribers to do a timed challenge to create new worlds or specific buildings or creatures in Minecraft worlds. SkyDoesMinecraft specifically works with Minecraft to promote new update and to get feedback from his followers. (Sky)

Then there YouTubers like Ryan Higa, who originally went by the name “NigaHiga”. Ryan had such a vast collection of videos including parodies of famous movies such as Twilight, and the Titanic, parodies of commercials, like his parody on Sham Wow called “The ShamWOOHOO!” in addition to the many random Sketches, Music Videos, and short commentaries on pop culture.

Now he is partnered up with Lenovo (Wincuinas) and is still adding to the 600 videos he’s created since July 20, 2006. Now in addition to YouTube, he is has expanded to posting shorter skits and previews of his longer videos more frequently on Instagram under the name “Notryanhiga”. (Higa)Technology.jpg

In addition to those being sponsored like those mentioned above there are others that are using Youtube solely for their free posting services. Nicolas Kontis is a world traveler, travel entrepreneur, travel writer and author. Nick shares all his travel business insights to those new and pro at traveling.

He shares some of his most painful mistakes along with the best place to book and how to travel while on business to make the best of your time. He represents what you can do in the career of tourism. (Kontis) He is using his social media to answer and message those with questions back about his experiences in the business and market of traveling. Due to the amount of emails he received he decided to write the “Seasoned Travel Entrepreneurship Advice”.

I think that entrepreneurs can be found in every aspect of social media. There are those aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saXZlc2NpZW5jZS5jb20vaW1hZ2VzL2kvMDAwLzAyNC85NjEvb3JpZ2luYWwvZmFjZWJvb2stYXJ0LWhhbmQuanBnjust like Nicolas Kontis and Ryan Higa creating pages on Facebook, to share videos and pictures, interacting with their followers.

Advertisers love these types of people because they can easily use that person to promote to a large audience in real time and get feedback instantly. I doubt that social media will ever die.

With how fast information is 
able to shared and passed around
 it will continue to grow and expand in correlation 
with new jobs and position openings.

The amount of growth on social media and online activity in enormous. In the January of 2013 the users on Facebook was 1 million, YouTube with 800 Million, Google with 343 Million, Twitter with 200 Million, and LinkedIn with 200 Million. (Quintana)peerinfluenc

As of 2016 the numbers of users on social media have expanded greatly. Some examples are LinkedIn – 97 Million, Pinterest – 100 Million. Snapchat – 200 Million. Tumblr – 230 Million. Twitter – 316 Million. Google+ – 343 Million, Instagram – 400 Million, YouTube – 1 Billion, and Facebook with 1.5 Billion. (Libo-on)

These numbers again correlate with the amount of impressions and advertisements on these platforms. These platforms are easy pickings for Advertisers to market products and new systems on. I believe as long as the use of social media continues to expand so will the use of advertising and online marketing.


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