[13] How to Make a Difference

Anyone can change the way people think about the world by doing little things to change people’s minds. Valenti also saying that this “systematic oppression off women isn’t just going to go away. But we can change our own world – and others, by proxy.”(Valenti 237) You can do small things to help yourself, like learning... Continue Reading →


[12] What is “Fatness”? Why do we “Fat Shame”? and Why does it Exist?

The idea of ‘fatness’ is deemed as an issues that can be cured and fixed. This is reinforced by the “multibillion-dollar dieting industry, the diet food industry, the diet cookbook industry, the barbaric surgery industry, the health/exercise club industry, and cosmetic surgery industry” because these industries “would cease to exist”, without this social stigma.

[11] Uncovering Women in History – Part 2

The main form of control in the past was related to women’s sexuality and procreativity. He goes on to say, “The appropriation by men of women’s sexual and reproductive capacity occurred prior to the formation of private property and class society.” This goes to show that governing women is the groundwork of private property. Men... Continue Reading →

[11] Uncovering Women in History

      Lets think about this: if history is only viewed from the perspective of men, then it is entirely inaccurate to generalize history to apply to both men and women. While everyone at some point in their life may experience discrimination and exclusion, no man has ever been excluded from history due to... Continue Reading →

[10] Equality – An Ideal or Possibility?

How Social Media and Traditions have an affect on the idea of Gender Equality.... The question stands today, however, whether the idea of gender equality portrayed in Greek mythology is just an ideal or a possibility. Throughout history Countries have struggled greatly to reach the goal of Equal Rights. The constant bickering and fighting over... Continue Reading →

[9] Society’s Downfall through Sex – Part 2

Stereotypes and Sex in Advertisements Continuation.... Through the decades both men and women have objectified the opposite sex and are not looking for love or a relationship, but rather sex and appeal. Men have stereotyped women to only being beautiful if they are petite, small, and curvy. A fixed and simplified characterization that is constantly... Continue Reading →

[7] Advertisements in Body Image

As long as the definition of ‘beauty’ comes from outside [women and men], we will continue to be manipulated by it.” So what is true beauty???? Well,  Naomi Wolf says that if we strayed away all the ideas of adornments, textures, styles, fashions, races, and as a whole all of society’s expectations we would have no... Continue Reading →

[6] Social Media and Blurred Roles

In today’s day and age everyone is being minimized to a collection of numbers on a computer. Whether it be the number of friends you have on facebook, Followers on Instagram, Retweets on Twitter, height, weight, social security number, your license number, number of points on your license, and the list can go on and... Continue Reading →

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